During my last pregnancy I became fascinated by the work of the French obstetrician Michel Odent. His common sense approach to facilitating normal birth spoke to me, and I hired a doula who had trained under him.

That birth revealed to me my calling, and I went on to train as a doula under Dr Odent and Liliana Lammers, in 2012.
I continue to be inspired by them, Sheila Kitzinger and others for whom giving birth is both miraculous and ordinary. En route to a birth, at the forefront of my mind is Odent's reminder that, "Birth is a physiological event: it cannot be helped, only hindered."

Personally, giving birth has been both the most disempowering and the most empowering event of my life, and I am grateful for both of these experiences in equal measure. Neither of them alone would have led me to my vocation, and without each situation I would not have understood the difference a doula can make.

I live in South Manchester with my partner, our two children, and our two cats.